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be kind

AKA Code of Conduct

Ashlee Kate Academy is an all inclusive training environment for students, artists & clientele. Respecting each individual & your educators is essential in creating a welcoming & positive training experience. 

Create a positive experience for everyone

We endeavour to bring distinctive excellence to our work and have the confidence to pursue original ideas & techniques 

We are inclusive, open and respectful to all 


We are committed to integrity and ethical behaviour

We are committed to better outcomes for our community, the environment & the progression of each individual artist 

We are committed to elevating the standard of the cosmetic tattoo artistry through original thinking and continued development & advancing of education & technique


Disrespectful, derogatory or negative behaviour displayed towards staff, peers or models will strictly not be tolerated under any circumstances. Failure to display common courtesy or respect will result in your dismissal from your allocated course schedule.

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